Quality and High Performance
09 Sep 2016

Quality and High Performance

Do you want to have the best

09 Sep 2016

Do you want to have the best machines available nationally in your slaughterhouse?

Meitech solutions for the food industry ensure performance and efficiency higher than 98%.

Do you need confirmation?

We can take you and your team to one of our 40 partners in Brazil who are already using our machines.

Our development team is committed to efficiency in our projects, which ensures an increasing process technology. That results in the best production factors for our customers. Contact us and book a visit from one of our salesmen. We are confident you will be impressed by the quality of our machines.


All machines manufactured by Meitech are up to 100% financeable by FINAME.
If your slaughterhouse is inside the Brazilian territory, you may benefit from this resource to purchase our solutions.
Over 90% of our sales are made through FINAME.
Get in touch with one of our salesmen and request a quote for the purchase of one or several machines.
You can understand more about how FINAME works through a quick chat with us.

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